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  • RF ADC for Wireless Backhaul ASIC Completed in 4 Months
    Base stations transmit aggregated channels via point-to-point wireless links for which ultra-high sample rate, wide bandwidth, and high linearity ADCs are key building blocks.  Company X chose City’s Dual 12-bit 2.5-GSPS ADC for their software-defined indoor unit product, and needed it done fast.  This is a complex converter, including an interleaved SAR array, timing generation, references, and a digital self-calibration block.  City Semi delivered final GDS  just four months after installing the foundry design kit, and reduced power consumption by a factor of two compared to the previous generation along the way.

  • Baseband ADC for GPS ASIC with Full Production Support
    High Signal-to-Noise ratio and low sensitivity to on-chip digital noise are critical for precision navigation systems.  Company Y chose City Semi’s Quad 9-bit 250-MSPS ADC for its performance and for our customization and support.  Weekly phone calls and in-person design reviews kept our teams in close contact during development.  And the support continued after GDS delivery by helping to design the package and PCB layouts, providing a test plan, and working with the integration team.  We are now working together on a common test evaluation platform.

  • ADC for Industrial IoT Completed in 2 Months
    I/Q ADCs are key building blocks in emerging IoT applications which require the smallest area and lowest possible power.  Company A chose City’s single 9-bit 500-Msps ADC because of its size and performance, and our ability to port it fast.  Starting from a similar lower-speed design in UMC40LP, we ported this design to TSMC40G at the higher rate.  We completed the entire design port, start to clean GDS delivery, in just two months.

  • Baseband DAC for Handsets in FinFET Process Completed in 3 Months
    FinFET transistors bring new levels of performance, power, and area, especially in high-volume consumer applications.  When City was called by Company B to work on this 12-bit 250-Msps DAC, the process was still being developed, and advanced layout tools not yet ready.  We finished the entire design from scratch, including hand-drawn layout, all in 3 months.  First silicon performed well in this brand new process.